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We search out the finest and the most distinctive paper products and innovations from around the world for those that seek to inspire and impress. We work" in partnership with the very best high-end brands, creative designers, and specialists to provide paper for a twenty-first century audience.

The Paper Smith

Our Collection

This iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards is considered to be indispensable within the design industry. Choose from 50 colours.

Treasury is our diverse collection of special papers based around metallic shades, from shimmering silvers to glittering golds. The majority of the range features micro-embossed linear surface patterns.

Marlmarque is G . F Smith's original marbled paper. Its unique visual effect consists of a pale base colour with a randomly-created marbling in a darker shade.

Parchmarque is our original parchment effect paper.

Peregrina Majestic is our iridescent two-sided material with a pearlescent effect, available in a broad palette of bold colours.

Tapestry is our distinctive pearlised material with embossed surface effects inspired by lace patterns and Fabric textures.