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Make Book


Things to Know

How many books can I order?

Make Book has no minimum or maximum book orders. For multiple same design book orders over 25 please contact us on

Are my images of high enough quality and will you colour correct them?

We stipulate a minimum dpi of 300 to preserve reproduction qualities. We do not colour correct your files.

Can I upload PDF’s to create a book?

No. Make Book designs must be submitted using either our fully integrated Mac and PC compatible software or via Adobe InDesign using our downloadable Make Book templates submitted via the Make Book webstore

Can I create my own book sizes?

No. Due to the unique Make Book manufacturing process the only size books we currently offer are B5, A4 and A3

Can I alter my design after my order is submitted?

Manufacturing of your order will start immediately after your order is submitted so we are unable to make any changes to your order or design file once we have received it.

What if I need help with my book design or the Make Book software?

Our Customer Service team will be happy to offer advice and assist you with any queries you may have. You can contact them on 01482 323503 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or by email at

How do I pay?

If you have designed your Make Book using our Make Book software you will submit and pay for your order from within the Make Book software. Make Book software accepts credit card payments only.

If you have designed your Make Book using our Adobe InDesign templates you will submit and pay for your order by registering with the Make Book website and through the cost calculator. The Make Book website accepts payment by credit card, debit card and PayPal.

Does my order include VAT?

All our prices are quoted inclusive of VAT. Make Book’s are zero rated for VAT (0%) in the UK.

Where do Make Book deliver to?

Make Book can be delivered throughout the World but if you want us to send it outside the UK please contact us at prior to placing your order for shipping costs. Shipping in the UK is free.

Good workflow/colour management procedures are how we achieve control over colour and tone of digital images, consistently reproducing predictable results. Ideally your files should be submitted from a calibrated monitor, thus enabling print to monitor matching.

Make Book recommends you use a minimum image dpi of 300 in RGB mode with an embedded sRGB colour space (sRGB has the closest colour gamut to photographic paper). Please note that we do not colour correct or alter your files in any way.

As a result we will print and manufacture the files you design and send us. Some colour variation may occur if your monitor is not calibrated to Make Book settings. You can download our suggested Make Book monitor settings and printer profiles below.

Printer Profiles Colour Settings

Delivery times

Wrapped in beautiful paper and hand packed in a Colorplan box your Make Book will be delivered to your door within seven working days of your order being placed or ten working days if you personalised your book with foiling and/or debossing.

Returns policy

Your Make Book will be hand crafted to your specification. On the rare occasion that your Make Book arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect contact us within 72 hours and we will make it right. As your Make Book will be individually hand crafted to your specification orders can only be cancelled within one hour of placing your order. After this time Make Book cannot provide refunds or cancel orders except due to manufacturing fault. If you wish to cancel your order within one hour of placing your order you should contact us by phone or email.

Postage and packing charges

Free of charge in the UK. For delivery outside of the UK please contact us at for prices prior to placing your order.

How are items delivered?

Wrapped in beautiful paper in a box by one of our nominated courier partners.

Can I nominate a time for delivery?

Your order will be wrapped in beautiful Colorplan paper and delivered by one of our nominated courier partners. Unfortunately we are unable to specify a time for delivery. Deliveries generally take place 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We will require a signature for delivery to be made.

Customer Support

Phone 01482 323 503