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Make Book

I want to use Make Book software

Your Make Book software is a fully integrated design and ordering tool for efficient creation and delivery of your Make Book. There are just a few easy steps to creating your book with our Make Book software. The software includes all the book sizes, design layouts, page capacities, colour and additional options for you to choose from.

1.   Download your Make Book software. Choose either the Mac or PC version below.
2.   Upload your images into the software and design your book.
3.   Complete your design and preview your book.
4.   Pay for your order and upload it to us.

Download for Mac  Download for PC

I want to use Adobe InDesign templates

To create your Make Book using Adobe InDesign follows these steps.

1.   Download the Adobe InDesign Make Book templates below and load these into InDesign.
2.   Create and complete your book cover and book design.
3.   Go to our ‘Cost Calculator’ section of this site and select the book options you have designed including book size, page capacity, embossing, colour, deboss and foil options to confirm your book price.
4.   Create or log in to your Make Book account on this site.
5.   Pay for your order using credit card or Paypal.
6.   Upload your order design files to us using the links provided.

Adobe InDesign template