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Welcome to The Collection

At G . F Smith, we’re constantly seeking out new papers and processes, expanding our collections and adding to our knowledge. So much so that it’s been a while since we took a look at this site.

Well, having expanded our paper collection, tested and introduced new processes, and spent a lot of time talking to designers about selecting paper, we’re delighted to present a complete overhaul of the site.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve introduced search filters in the ‘We Recommend’ tool. You can now refine your search by a paper’s suitability for processes like foiling or digital printing, or its availability in certain weights and finishes. When it’s time to look at the real thing, you’re able to easily place Sample orders through our ‘My Samples’ tool. Its quick and easy too.

This makes the task of finding and choosing paper from our collection more insightful and easier than before.